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Solar DL Leaflet Arrow
1. Message
2. Images
3. USPs
4. Authority
5. Benefits
6. Call to Action
7. Branding




solar leaflet



Successful Leaflet Design

Consider whom you are targeting:
(Market Segmentation) e.g. Male/Female, Homes/Businesses etc.
1. You have 1 to 2 seconds to get your
message across
2. Images must directly support your
message or offer
3. State your Unique Selling Points (USPs)
4. Authority: professional bodies/qualifications
5. How are your clients going to benefit e.g. Incentives and/or Offers
6. Call to Action
7. Memorable branding through logo, colour, design style
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In direct marketing the central purpose is to generate a response and the information to achieve that should be direct and succinct.
The CALL TO ACTION is what you are aiming for.
For example the solar energy leaflet is inviting you to 'come and see us'. This is where a sale will be made or lost, the leaflet is effectively an invitation to take further action. Ensure that at the point of a client approaching you, you are able to deal with their enquiry efficiently and can deliver the incentives and USPs that you have offered.

Some methods of Distribution
Direct mail/buying lists of addresses, Post Office delivery, Inserts into other publications, Pick up from venues. Handouts in public places: n.b. give leaflets to people personally – you must check the Local Government Authority for regulations. Some now charge for the right to hand out leaflets.
Beware: avoid placing on car windscreens, it will cause annoyance and litter for which you can be prosecuted.