A logo does not have to say what a company does but it must symbolise the ethos and quality of that company. E.g. familiar logos like CocaCola, Virgin, Nike and Apple, don't directly show what the companies do… instead the logos convey a quality that is associated with the company.

The NIKE logo illustrates how a logo should be appropriate - Nike is the greek goddess of Victory. The swoosh designed by Caroline Davidson back in 1971 represents both the wing of the famous statue of Nike and symbolises speed/ flight.





Amanda Barrett is the author of Corporate Image (Graphic Design in the Computer Age)

CorporateImage by Amanda Barrett


CocaCola logo
Apple logo Nike Logo
Virgin Logo

Successful Logo Design

1. Research – a logo designer should research the company, its position in the market place and take note of the owners or CEO's interpretation of their company image before working up initial ideas.

2. Flexible – a logo must look good in black and white AND colour, be able to be reproduced large or small. First designs should be in black and white this helps the client to judge a logo without subjective decisions creeping in like "I don't like that colour pink!"

3. Legible – Above all a logo should be readable

4. Simplicity – Not overdrawn it must have impact, often with an unique style differentiating it from competitors. Designs should be vector to allow easy reproduction across all media.

5. Memorable – Good logos often feature something unexpected that makes you stop and look.

6. Appropriate – it must have a link to the company not just a random image. The sight of the logo should call the company to mind.

7. Test of time – beware of current trends, todays "trendy" logo will be tomorrows dated concept.

8. Design choice – No more than 3 design ideas should be presented. If there is a good idea it will jump off the page. Too many designs will confuse a client and they may be tempted to mix and match design elements

9. Revisions – A good designer will always be able to revise a concept to tweak it without losing its integrity.